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Energy-saving lamps, also known as energy-saving bulbs, electronic bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL lamps) or integrated fluorescent lamps. The official name of the energy-saving lamp is "rare-earth three-color compact fluorescent lamp", which was born in the Netherlands in the 1970s in the Philips company of the Netherlands. On the premise of achieving the same light energy output, energy-saving lamps only need to consume 1/5 to 1/4 of the electricity consumption of ordinary incandescent lamps. Energy-saving lamps have a variety of shapes, mainly U-shaped tubes, spiral tubes, straight tubes, and lotus-shaped, plum-shaped, bergamot and other special-shaped lamps. Therefore, from the appearance, energy-saving lamps are divided into two types: straight and special.

In the energy-saving era, energy-saving lamps are your first choice when choosing a light source


Many people now use LED bulbs in their homes. After all, LED bulbs are cheaper now, and they are the most energy-efficient in terms of power consumption. Open a treasure and you can see that some sellers sell LED bulbs for 1.8 yuan. Today we will learn which components are in it.

Now the home is LED energy-saving lamps


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Lamps and lanterns are an indispensable part of our family. At present, LED lamps account for most of the market. After a long time of use, LED lamps will always have many problems. For example, LED lamps flash. How to deal with this failure. #led light flashing fault solution #

The solution to the flashing failure of the led light is handled by the ultra-professional masters